Solar & Kliker

Solar & Kliker

Adventures of Solar Girl and Kliker

The Mystery of the


Dancing Pyramid – Part One

Accidentally or by a play of destiny the story of Solar Girl and Kliker begins here.

Solar girl and Kliker were intergalactic travellers who travelled the universe and got stuck inside a cosmic storm. It changed their course and brought them to this unknown destination. An unknown planet with only one building – the huge, oddly looking, pyramid.

With no clue where exactly they were, they stared at the perfect pyramid. And why was the pyramid perfect? Because, it was built to be perfect. It had a square base with a four identical sides joining in a single spot at the top and that spot represented the perfection. Nor winds nor sand could ever harm it.

–    It’s the Dancing Pyramid! – observed Solar Girl.

–    What? – responded Kliker with a question.

–    I said, “It’s the Dancing Pyramid.” I’ve heard stories about it but never believed it actually exists.

–    And where did you hear those stories?

–    I don’t know – responded Solar mysteriously – I don’t remember. Seems like that particular information has been with me all the time.

–    Rubbish! The greatest rubbish I’ve heard from the day I was born.

–    Hey C’mon! You weren’t born at all. You were created!

It was true. Kliker was an algorithmic creature incarnated into its shape for the communication purpose only. He was a green, hairy little thing. At least that’s what he thought he was.

–    Ok, let’s suppose you’re right. Then why is it called “The Dancing Pyramid”?

–    It’s obvious. Don’t you see it vibrates? Like it’s dancing. I am receiving frequencies from it right now. It’s coming from the inside. Kliker, someone is messaging us.

Kliker activated his kinetic algorithms to scan the pyramid.

–    Hm… there is no entrance.

–    Yap. It seems impossible to enter.

–   But, there must be some way.

Suddenly, with no formal invitation, three guardians of a pyramid stepped right in front of Solar and Kliker, disgusting both of them with a vague sense of fear and terror. Guardians had no material shape. They were dark manifestations that floated in space.

–    My communication algorithm is blocked. – said Kliker in panic.

–    No worries. I don’t think they came here for a small-talk anyway. But, I think they lack a bit of colour.

Solar reached for her hairpins, her secret weapon; a very, very powerful secret weapon. Guardians wiggled.

–    Hey! Can’t a girl fix her hairdo without everyone getting nervous all of a sudden?

Solar hit two guardians with a hairpin.

And that was it. Guardians disappeared. All that left of them was a rainbow print in the sky. The third guardian wasn’t so brave now that he was left alone. So, he flew away in direction unknown to Solar and Kliker.

–    Hooray, Solar! They don’t seem to appreciate a bit of colour. – Kliker greeted with amusement.

With hand in hand, Solar and Kliker approached the pyramid together. They finally had some peace to solve its mystery. But how will they enter it? They still didn’t know.

In the meantime, deep in a universe far, far away, the survived guardian arrived to a space with no stars. Space of ultimate dark and a complete silence.


–    The pyramid has been attacked – the dark guardian spoke – a small girl and a green monster came out of nowhere and…

But, the guardian didn’t finish as the pervading voice coming from the depths of a dark space interrupted him. Guardian looked terrified.

–    So, the Mystery of the  Dancing Pyramid will be exposed after all – the voice spoke – But, it’s ok, it’s about time someone reveals it.

The voice disappeared in a frequency noises and turned into a sneer that rumbled the neighbour galaxies. Can you imagine the sound of a sneer rumbling galaxies?


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Stay tuned to find out who is messaging Solar and Kliker from the inside of the Dancing Pyramid. And why.


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