Mouse Pads

Kids spend too much time in front of computers, anyway. Video-games, You Tubers, digital applications. It’s all part of the game. You can forbid, scale or negotiate, but you cannot win. 

So, why not play a little game on them? 

Like putting math at their close reach, under their arms, at their mouse pad – a shiny, colourful mouse pad with multiplication table printed on it.

And then suddenly, while in Minecraft, they start calculating and they find all the numbers they need right in front of them, on their own mouse pad. Just wait for it.

It’s a triumph.

It’s a spectacle.

It’s a win! 

Pancakes pan
Beaker for Pancakes

Chemistry Lab Beaker for Pancakes

Chemistry. The invisible world hidden behind the material world as we see it. 

How can it be that the whole universe has been created from something so small we cannot even see it? 

Quite hard to answer that one, huh? Now explain it to your kids. Impossible, huh? Well, not with our chemistry lab beaker for pancakes! 


We know how hard it is to remember the multiplication table when you’re nine.

Our multiplication table printed notebooks motivate children not only to remember the solutions but also to understand the logic hidden behind an equation.

It’s not an exam knowledge, it’s knowledge for life.

Notebooks can be bought in all Znanje bookstores.
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