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DiVuS toys were crafted with an idea to make the learning process more fun and adventurous for everyone involved. Children, parents, teachers, educationalists. Our products apply the achievements of practical sciences, like math and chemistry, in creative areas such as art, music, dance, and performance. Designed temptingly for all senses, they turn a whole educational process into a game.

Multiplication table mouse pad

With multiplication table printed on your kid’s mouse pads, you don’t have to worry their computer time will harm their maths. It’s all part of the game.

Lab Beaker for Pancakes

Chemistry. The invisible world hidden behind the material world as we see it.How can it be that the whole universe and absolutely everything we know of, has been created from something so small we cannot even see it?

DivUs Notebooks

With every new school-year come the new expanses. School books, school bag, pencils, crayons, scissors and so on and on… And yes – the notebooks. Math is easy when there is a solution written on the cover of your notebook..

Solar & Kliker


He likes numbers. And he is green. He is messy and super intelligent. And yes he likes mathematics, geometry and numbers.


She is colorful. She is playful and curious. She is Solar Girl and he is Kliker. The new super-heroes.


They travel the universe discovering knowledge. They grow and evolve by solving puzzles.


So, if you plan to leave the world to the young – and all of the universe with it – join us for adventures of Solar Girl and Kliker.

Join us for adventures of Solar Girl and Kliker.


It’s never too early for your kids to become small economists. Take every trip to the store for important life lessons.

Of Need and Want – the Benefits of Teaching Kids Taking Care of Money     The subject of child and money relations might seem too ambitious. Or even premature – sounding almost like we’re forcing a child to grow up too soon. But the fact is – it’s always a good time to teach

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